Thursday, October 11 2018
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Student Center, Under the Couch
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Faith Sumpter

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Formative Narratives: The Tree of Life - Exploring Stories that Lead us Back to Our Whole Selves

“Tree of Wisdom” stories provide a framework for our life’s journey - what wisdom we have gained and who we have become. Using the living, growing, evolving metaphor of a tree, participants engage in a story-guided process to excavate the formative narratives of their lives, and explore and create:

  • Root Stories: Stories of the people, places, and events that ground us and remind us where we have come from and what is important to us.
  • Leaf Stories: Stories of where we are headed, what we are reaching for, and the dream and vision stories we would someday like to tell about our lives.
  • Blossom/Fruit Stories: Stories of what makes us unique, and what connects us to our values, beliefs, strengths and passions to make us who we are.
  • Trunk/Branch/Knot Stories: Stories that mark transformative life experiences that contribute strongly to the formation of our identities. Turning-point moments that influence who we are now and life challenges we are currently dealing with.

Through these stories, participants emerge with tools to practice self-compassion and resilience.

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