Wednesday, September 5 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Room 321, Student Center
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Kartik Kothari

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Solving the Mind Problem

Happiness is a choice and not an event. If stress is caused by events, people, situations and things around you do you have a choice to get disturbed or remain unperturbed? YES. The stress at mental level creates toxins in your body (physiological level).... BUT.... what is the connection? How do we purge these toxins and stress out of our body periodically? The answer is..... through breath.

So while we breathe everyday, every hour, and every moment we are unaware of the power of breath. Join us to learn about the connection between the breath and mind. Discover the power of breath and an easy, effective approach to control your mind and thereby increase focus, clarity and confidence, all while reducing stress.

 In this FREE miniworkshop get a taste of:

1) MIND MASTERY--How to quiet your mind and deal with negative thoughts and emotions

2) YOGIC BREATHING TECHNIQUES--The quickest, most effective way reduce stress

3) GUIDED MEDITATION--An effortless guided meditation to get rested and centered

What are you waiting for? Yes, you read it right--It's FREE and there will be FREE DELICIOUS FOOD at the end.