Thursday, August 30 2018
2:19pm - 11:49pm
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SCPC Recruitment

Are you just starting at Tech and looking for a place to get involved where you can make an impact on campus and find a new group of best friends? Or maybe you’ve been here for years and want to have new experiences and develop your leadership skills?

We are a student led organization that plans 50+ events for our campus each year, and we strive to provide each member an opportunity for leadership development and a supportive community of students. These events can be entertaining, educational, energizing, or anything in between, but most importantly they're designed to be fun for all students! SCPC plans some of the most memorable events every year from Homecoming to GT Night at Six Flags to Midnight Breakfast, and much more!

Every semester we look for students who have a passion for making our campus better. If you have any interest in event planning, Georgia Tech’s community, or are wanting to find a new way to get involved on campus, you should apply to SCPC!

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