Thursday, September 20 2018
8:00pm - 10:30pm
Howey Physics Building, 837 State St NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30332
For more information:

Dr. James R. Sowell
404-385-1294 (Office)

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Public Nights at the Georgia Tech Observatory

Public Nights at the Georgia Tech Observatory are back for 2018-2019! The observatory will be open one Thursday each month for people to observe various celestial bodies. A talk will be given about thirty minutes after the Public Night begins.

Series Schedule

Sep.20, 8-10:30  Moon, Saturn, Mars

Oct.18, 7:30-10  Moon, Mars

Nov.15, 7-9  Moon, Mars

Dec.13, 7-9  Moon, Mars

Jan.17, 7-9  Moon, Orion Nebula

Feb.14, 7-9  Moon, Orion Nebula

March 14, 8-10:30  Moon, Orion Nebula

April11, 8:30-11  Moon, Star Cluster

If you park in a campus Visitor Lot, please pay the fee upon arrival.

The Public Night is contingent on clear weather. Potential closures and driving directions are on the official website


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