Wednesday, September 5 2018
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Clough Commons, Room 152
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Alex Klufas

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Terminal: A Videogame-Based Hackathon for Georgia Tech Students

Join us at Terminal:  A videogame-based hackathon for Georgia Tech students

When: September 5th, 6pm

Where: Clough Commons Room 152

Hackathons meet e-Sports at Terminal, this year's biggest and most exciting coding competition.

Terminal is a new kind of online game from Correlation One, where players compete by computer programs (strategies) that automate play of the game. Algorithms face off in live e-sports tournaments around the world, and top players have opportunities to win $100,000 in prizes, exclusive job opportunities, and global recognition. Are you ready?


The Terminal Game Night is hosted by Data Science at GT in partnership with Correlation One.

While there is no early registration deadline, participants are asked to register in advance of the event and become familiar with the game. Click here to register.

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