Wednesday, March 21 2018
9:00am - 4:30pm
Room 149, Global Learning Center
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Conflict Management: An Exercise in Enriching Relationships

How we manage conflict is a key differentiator as we seek to navigate and enrich relationships. Participants in this workshop will learn their personal Conflict Style and a framework to leverage as they work through conflict. This is a highly interactive program, where participants explore how they and others deal with conflict. Participants learn how to apply principles discussed in any conflicted situation through real-playing and classroom discussion. Participants learn extremely effective skills, enabling them to be empathetic, even with people they might vehemently disagree with. Participants are able to learn these difficult skills in a relaxed, open teaching environment. Application of the skills is specifically tailored to each person’s Conflict Management Style. In this way, everyone can become more of a creative problem solver.

$50.00 No Show Fee

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