Thursday, February 1 2018
11:30am - 1:00pm
Historic Academy of Medicine, 875 West Peachtree St.
Free food
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GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Interactivity 2018 "One-Minute Madness"


Co-sponsored by the GVU Center and the MS-HCI Program and hosted with Digital Media and Industrial Design, this day long event includes rapid student presentations and the main poster session. Registration and attendance are free.

Interactivity is one of the best opportunities for students and industry visitors to interact and discuss internships or post-graduation employment. Students demonstrate their technical, creative, and presentation talents with project posters. 


M.S. Human-Computer Interaction
One of the oldest and best respected degree programs of its kind, with over 50 participating faculty. The interdisciplinary degree involves four schools: Interactive Computing; Industrial Design; Literature, Media, and Communication; and Psychology. Students acquire the practical skills and theoretical understandings needed to be UX/HCI/UI leaders, including technical skills, design sensibilities, and psychological underpinnings.

M.S. Digital Media
Offered by the Digital Media program within the School of Literature, Media and Communications, this degree offers arts- and humanities-based advanced study in digital media design and critique. Faculty include leading theorists and practitioners who approach the design of digital artifacts as a defining creative and intellectual challenge of the 21st century, comparable in its cultural complexity and historical importance to the inventions of the book, the photograph, and the moving image.

M.S. Industrial Design
Students learn an inclusive design approach for designing and creating products, systems, services and environments that are usable by all segments of the population. Faculty members - practicing designers and experts in their fields - maintain active research programs in tangible products within communication technologies, enabling environments, supportive product systems, rehabilitation technologies, and healthcare systems technologies.

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